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kizzes4dafellaz's Journal

Nobody knows how i feel inside
4 April
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i'm a dork.


If I died
Who would care?
No friend in the world,
Nobody there.
Nobody knows
The pain that I hide.
Nobody knows
How I feel inside.

--u sTArT BakStAbBiN Me Nd GoiN AgAiNsT uR WeRd--
--ThiNkIn "sHeLL neVa fiNd oUt"--
[-->YeA bUt i hEaRd<--]

i wanna b membrd as the girl dat alwaiz smiled even when she had a broken heart n da gurl dat cood alwaiz brighten yur day even wen she coodnt brighten her own

i neva apOlOqize fOr sayin hOw i feel . . . .
that wOuld be like apOlOqizin fOr bein real...

..it's funny h0w much shyt pe0pLe can taLk behind y0ur back..
but when u confront them they'LL b Like "uh, wh0 toLd u that?"

..::..AboUt YoU..::..
[x]name: Savannah nicole
[x]age: 16
[x]marital status: single
[x]location: Cali babie
[x]occupation:Student im home schooled
[x]quotes or philosophys:"You Cant help who you fall in love with it just happens and you can never change it"
..::..OtHeR StuFf..::..
[x]labels?: im unique
[x]drugs?: g*thinks*
[x]sex?: Yum

[x]pop: Doctor Pepper
[x]name: veronica and dustin
[x]person: Kaitzy
[x]Best friend: Kaitzy
[x]guy(s):Jeremy ,david
[x]actor(ess):Russel crow
[x]celebrity: shakira
[x]word:Fuck Off opps thats 2 words
[x]band: Linkin park
[x]instrument: guitaRs
[x]type of music: everything
[x]place: home
[x]subject at school: me no goto school
[x]memories:Me and krystal and kaitzy

[x]gorgeous:Kaitzy and krysalt
[x]nicest: all of them
[x]smartest: UmMmMm Ashely
[x]dumbest: me
[x]fakest:Kina no more friends with her
[x]most beautiful:Everyone is beautiful
[x]sexiest: Polyfootball is hot
[x]uniquest: Purrs
[x]wierdest: ME
[x]most embarassing: ME! ME! ME!
[x]funniest: awwwwwwww everyone

..::..3 ThiNgs AbOuT 4 BeSt FriEnDs..::..
[x]name: Krystal
[x]name: Kaitzy
[x] Seshie
[x]got a lover: I need one
[x]does he got a name:^^^^
[x]what is it: We will se when i get one
[x]do you love him: Do i have 1 no
[x]does he love you: If i had one i know
[x]anniversery date:Grr u hate me dont you
[x]which would make this:
[x]What do you love most: My best friends, Poerty,music,making people happy